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Yard Arts  
Yard ArtsYard Greetings are great additions.dropping off a tent and tables for the weekend? Add Yard Greetings to their package for some extra umph and $$$! Purchase a starter package and you will get "brought to you by" signs which will contain your contact information for the passerby to see, and take note of when it comes time for their special occasion! It is a great advertising tool! We will also provide you with photos for your website and/or hi-resolution images for your printed brochures. You can also buy individual packages starting a few hundred dollars, or even buy individual characters such as pink flamingos or letters.
If you are looking for a new type of business, this is a ground floor opportunity!

  • Yard Greetings can be used for any conceivable type of occasion. It is a virtually unlimited.
  • You can make your money back in 3 to 4 bookings! (per theme)
  • Fully Customizable! Create custom greetings for your customers using the Box 'O' Letters.
  • Yard Greetings are so light, that they can be setup by anyone of any age.
  • Yard Greetings DO NOT require a truck or large vehicle to transport. ANY vehicle can carry a Yard Art!
  • Little or no liability insurance needed!
  • Setting up a Yard Greeting takes approximately 5-10 minutes! Made of light, high quality, weather resistant material.
  • You can set it up for your customer or have your customer pick up the Yard Greeting! It's that easy!
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